Gilby Clarke Recalls The ‘Dirty Rock And Roll’ Lifestyle Of Guns N’ Roses Members As He Explains Why Izzy Stradlin Left The Band

Former Guns N’ Roses rhythm guitarist Gilby Clarke opened up about the lifestyle of band members’ which was an over the top and dirty ‘Rock and Roll’ kind and stated that this may be the reason why Izzy Stradlin left the band back in 1991.

As many of you know, after the release of the ‘Use Yout Illusion’ album, Izzy Stradlin quit drugs which made him realize that the life he was living with Guns N’ Roses was not enough for him, therefore, after the band’s performance on August 31 at Wembley Stadium, Stradlin left the band in 1991.

After Stradlin’s disembark, Gilby Clarke replaced him as the rhythm guitarist and performed with Guns N’ Roses for three years. However, three years was enough for Clarke to realize that the band members were deep in when it comes to living a life according to ‘Rock and Roll,’ apparently way too much as Clarke revealed.

During a recent interview with The SDR Show, Gilby Clarke opened up about those times when he was a member of Guns N’ Roses and revealed that despite the fact that the band had a private jet, they still brought a bunch of Jack Daniels with them in order to get wasted during the flight which was extremely wrong according to Clarke.

In addition to this, Clarke stated that the dirty rock and roll lifestyle which was adopted by every member already was the reason why Izzy Stradlin decided to leave the band. Since Stradlin was sober, there was not a point in joining the same path over again.

Here is what Clarke said:

“I can’t answer for Izzy but I definitely got the feeling that it had gone in a direction that he just didn’t like anymore. He was just done; he was sober.

And as you said, the band had background singers and horn players, and Axl had a vision of how to grow the band into a modern Rolling Stones at that time. And you’re right, the band guys are really down and dirty rock ‘n’ roll guys.

It’s funny, when we travel, even though we had our own private jet, the guy’s suitcases really were like a pillowcase and a bottle of Jack Daniels. And that’s how they got on the plane every day – or a guitar case or something. It really was as real and wrong as it could be.”

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