David Lee Roth Targets The Legal Community Of Beverly Hills By Calling Them ‘Crook, Liar And Thief’

The iconic Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth shared a new piece from his well-known artwork series on Twitter and showed his reaction to the ongoing political chaos in the United States starting with the violent insurrection of the U.S. Capitol and continued with the demonstrations that held in Beverly Hills in the following weekend.

The multitalented musician David Lee Roth has been focusing on his artworks which he uses as a tool to criticize certain social and political matters. In the illustrations he shares via his Twitter account, Roth sometimes portrays different stories from his imagination which always manages to impress his devoted fans.

As you might have seen on social media platforms, many musicians and celebrities showed their reaction to the supporters of Donald Trump who stormed U.S. Capitol to protest the presidential election which they have observed as ‘fraud.’ Thousands of people marched to the capital in order to pressure Congress to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s win.

Following the ‘failed coup’ attempt, there have been other demonstrations for and against Trump one of which was held in Beverly Hills. The supporters of Trump were gathered for a demonstration that they called ‘Freedom Rally‘ and ‘Patriots Push Forward,’ and also to honor the young woman who lost her life during the protests in the U.S. Capitol. Although many artists showed their stance against the violent protests, David Lee Roth has remained silent on the issue up until releasing his latest illustration.

Recently on Twitter, Roth posted the picture of his new artwork, which involved more writing than almost all of his previous illustrations, and shared the story of how a person got out of jury duty. In his latest piece, David created a scenario in which an American citizen is trying to prove that they are eligible for jury duty.

The Van Halen icon created a conversation between the Judge and the Juror No.7 during which the Judge asked the Juror why they think they would make a good juror. In their response, the Juror No.7 states that they know good and bad neighborhoods where, in some cases, ‘every single person in them was a crook, a liar, and a thief.’ When the Judge asked them to give an example, the Juror No.7 says the first example would be the ‘legal community of Beverly Hills.’

Here’s what Roth wrote in his latest illustration:

“Jury Duty


Judge: Juror N.7, Do you think you would make a good juror?

No.7: Yes your honor, I do

Judge: And why is that?

No.7: Your honor, I’ve done a lot of traveling and I know the good and bad neighborhoods

Judge: Good and bad neighborhoods?

No.7: Your honor, I’ve seen whole communities where every single person in them was a crook, a liar, a thief, or covering for somebody who was (stunned silence)

Judge: Juror No.7, can you tell me one of those neighborhoods?

No.7: Your honor, my first example would be the legal community of Beverly Hills…

This is how I got out of jury duty”

You can see the tweet David Lee Roth posted on his official Twitter account below.