The Band Paul Stanley Loved But Couldn’t Get, Mike Ledoux Recalls

On an episode of his podcast ‘Waiting on a Song’ with Jeremy Dillon, Mike Ledoux told a story about Rush’s Geddy Lee and KISS’ Paul Stanley, how two groups became friends after they started touring together.

Ledoux set the scene as:

“So Rush toured with KISS, and in addition to the fact that they couldn’t have been more different. Rush is a bunch of young, geeky kids. They weren’t trying to hang out with groupies or do drugs. They were going back to their hotel room and playing Dungeons and Dragons – not really, but something like that- they were relaxing. And KISS would be like ‘What the fuck is wrong with you guys?'”

Then, he continued with how Stanley said he couldn’t understand Geddy’s demo:

“They got really tight, and KISS thought they were awesome; they had a really good rapport, so they became friends with them. Geddy Lee is talking about whatever the next album was, maybe ‘2112’ or something like that. But wherever it started to go in that more mystical, almost like Dio direction, and he’s like, ‘I had a demo done.

I just remember sitting in the car with Paul Stanley at his house, [he] listens to the whole song, there is a long pause, and he’s just like ‘I just don’t get it…'”

Rush and KISS first started playing together around 1974, before KISS’ second album ‘Hotter Than Hell’ was released. During the ‘KISS Tour‘ which began in February, and ended in October, Rush opened for them at the Centennial Hall in London, Ontario on July 25.  The opening act ended up impressing the band so much at that concert that they continued on tour with Rush.

The bassist Gene Simmons talked in a separate interview in 2022 about how they started working with Rush, and eventually becoming friends with them, saying:

“We took Rush out as our opening act on either our first or second tour, I can’t remember which. They had the kind of leanings that struck a chord with me. Plus they played and sang really well.  We were hanging with them after the shows, having lots of fun together. I was trying to get them laid…”

You can watch the whole episode below.