Ivan Moody’s Lie About Abandoning A Five Finger Death Punch Show

Ivan Moody, the talented but troubled frontman of the heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch, had a long-standing battle with alcoholism. The addiction threatened his career and even led to a controversial incident in which he abandoned a concert, lying about his mother’s health to justify his actions.

Moody’s struggle with alcoholism began long before the fateful concert. He admitted that his addiction almost got him fired from the band in 2012, as he would perform drunk and not remember any of it the next day. The impact of his addiction extended to his music, with the video for ‘I Apologize’ featuring Moody walking through a graveyard filled with musicians who died because of addiction.

After the band moved forward from a previous humiliating experience involving a heated on-stage dispute between bandmates in 2015, adjusting their touring behavior to help Ivan control his issues, the singer suffered another onstage meltdown during a show in Worcester, Massachusetts, in November 2016. He suddenly cut the concert short and apologized to the crowd for his under-par performance.

The musician told the audience that his mother was dying, and he had done his best to put on a show. After helping the frontman off stage, his bandmates stated that they needed to be with their brother to take care of their family. However, what appeared as an emotional moment for Ivan Moody turned out to be a lie, as the rocker was under the influence.

The truth was revealed by his younger sister Sandi Greening during an interview with Rock Feed shortly after the incident. According to her, Ivan was drunk and used their mother as an excuse for his ‘horrid behavior,’ as their mother was alive and very well.

Here is what Moody’s sister said about the incident:

“Our mother is alive and well. I believe, in my personal opinion, that Ivan was drunk and used that as an excuse for his horrid behavior. No one in our family is sick or dying currently.”

During a subsequent concert in Newark, New Jersey, Moody addressed the situation, claiming that his meltdown was not related to alcohol or drugs. In fact, he shed some light on the state of his mental health by using Kanye West as an example.

The vocalist’s admitted:

“I was asked not to say anything about my past. I’ve never done what anybody told me to. [Last] night, I had a mental moment. It had nothing to do with alcohol, drugs, or any of it. True. Just melted down. The last thing I wanna do was embarrass my band, my family, or any of you.

I always make fun of Kanye West… just let me finish… I found out today he’s still in the mental institution. Don’t be rude, straight up. I never got it before. I’m starting to get it now. If it wasn’t for you beautiful [expletive], I don’t think I’d be on this stage.”

Thus, the frontman apologized for embarrassing his band and family and admitted to having a ‘mental moment.’ Fortunately, Moody later sought help for his addiction. In June 2017, he left the band’s tour to attend rehab. He credits CBD products for helping him overcome his alcoholism and even owns a CBD dispensary called Moody’s Medicinals.

The incident involving Ivan Moody and his lie about his mother’s health serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of addiction and the importance of seeking help. It is crucial for individuals struggling with addiction to find support and resources to beat their demons and regain control of their lives. With the support of his bandmates, family, and fans, Moody has been sober for five years now and continues to share his talents on stage.