Ex-Deep Purple Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore Admits He Didn’t Miss Playing To Thousands Of People

Deep Purple former guitarist, Rainbow and Blackmore’s Night guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore released a short video from an interview that he joined with his wife and his band’s vocalist, Candice Night. During the interview, he mentioned that he didn’t miss performing in front of hundreds of people.

As you may remember, Blackmore’s Night which was founded by Ritchie Blackmore, and Candice Night released their 11th studio album, ‘Nature’s Light’ on March 12, 2021. Blackmore was on the acoustic and electric guitars, mandola and Night was on the lead and harmony vocals, woodwinds, tambourine along with their children as the back vocalist.

The album received very positive comments from the fans and the critics. After talking about the album, Blackmore shared what he felt during the quarantine because of the global pandemic. After all the tours and concerts were canceled or postponed, Blackmore stated that he finally had time to relax because he hated traveling all the time.

Ritchie not only felt comfortable staying at home for a while but also he didn’t miss performing for thousands of people. He stated that he preferred a small audience to form a small and cozy community with them. While he was playing for a small group, he felt that he was having a party with his close friends and family and this made the performances more exciting.

Here’s what Ritchie Blackmore stated about playing to the crowds:

“I don’t miss personally playing to fifty thousand people. I love to play to a hundred people because we are all a community and we all just pulled together and it’s like a party time.”

He continued:

“I wanted last year off completely from touring. I hate traveling because I’ve done it so much throughout my life. I getting into planes and trying to be somewhere. So, to me, I thought, ‘Great. We’ll take the year off.’ But it has gone on a bit too long.”

You can watch the interview below.