Maynard James Keenan Announces Puscifer’s New Song For ‘American Psycho’ Comic Series

Puscifer has released a new song for the ‘American Psycho’ comic series called ‘The Algorithm.’

The recently released song is the band’s first new music since the 2020 album ‘Existential Reckoning.’ The band talks about the issues social media and internet causes in the song’s lyrics.

Maynard James Keenan shared the news on his Instagram with the following:

“Tune in to Sirius XM Octane on Sirius XM Channel 37 to be the first to hear our new song, ‘The Algorithm,’ from the ‘American Psycho’ comic series soundtrack. Catch it starting now and throughout the day.”

Fans Are Upset The Song Isn’t Available On Other Platforms

Though fans were happy to hear a new song, they complained about its limited availability on streaming platforms. The song was only available on Sirius, and some fans shared that not everyone used that platform and should be available on other platforms too. One even brought up the age factor:

“Nobody under the age of 40 uses Sirius.”

Another wrote:

“So I have to subscribe to yet another streaming service for my fix?! I’m itching here man.”

Although Keenan wrote it would be only available on Sirius, Sumerian Records shared the song with an animated music clip on YouTube a few hours ago. You can hear it down below.