Mike Portnoy Announces The Release Date Of NMB’s Third Double Studio Album And Upcoming Tour

Dream Theater’s former drummer Mike Portnoy recently posted an album cover and teaser on his Instagram account and shared his excitement for completing a brand new album with the Neil Morse Band (NMB) which will be released in late August while exciting his fans by saying that they’ll also do a tour in support of their new album.

Mike Portnoy is mostly known for his successful career as the drummer Dream Theatre but he’s also active in numerous side projects, bands such as the Neal Morse Band, and supergroups like Transatlantic, Metal Allegiance, and Liquid Tension Experiment.

As you may recall, the famous drummer’s last show in September 2020 was MorseFest which was transformed from a physical to a virtual concert due to Covid-19. In March, Mike had shared his happiness for finally getting back on stage, once again with NMB for MorseFest 2021Renewal, which will take place in October 2021.

In his recent post, Portnoy announced that they had secretly been working on a new album which will be released on August 27, and gave some details about Innocence & Danger. As you may know, this will be NMB’s fourth studio album and the last two were both double and concept albums.

Thus, this time the band decided to do an album filled with ‘unrelated songs’ and was initially going for a single album, but they ended up writing so many songs that they finally had a double album. Portnoy said that he’s looking forward to the release of the album and said that they’ll also do a tour in support of the album, the dates of which will be announced soon.

Here’s what Mike Portnoy said in the caption of his recent post:

“Neil Morse Band are pleased to announce the release of their much-anticipated fourth studio album Innocence & Danger on August 27th, 2021.

With NMB’s previous two releases being concept albums, it’s perhaps remarkable that Innocence & Danger is a series of unrelated songs, but drummer Mike Portnoy says ‘After two sprawling back to back double concept albums in a row, it was refreshing to get back to writing a collection of unrelated individual songs in the vein of our first album.’

In fact – like its two acclaimed predecessors – Innocence & Danger is a double album by inspiration, rather than design, as Portnoy explains: ‘As much as we wanted to try and keep it to a single album after having just done two double albums, we wrote so much material that we found ourselves with our third double album in a row! That’s pretty prog!'”

The caption went on to read:

“The album will be released as a Limited 2CD+DVD Digipak (featuring a Making Of documentary), 3LP+2CD Boxset, Standard 2CD Jewelcase & Digital Album, featuring artwork by Thomas Ewerhard (Transatlantic). Pre-orders start on June 18, and the full track-listing is below:

CD One (Innocence):
1. Do It All Again (8:55)
2. Bird On A Wire (7:22)
3. Your Place In The Sun (4:12)
4. Another Story To Tell (4:50)
5. The Way It Had To Be (7:14)
6. Emergence (3:12)
7. Not Afraid Pt. 1 (4:53)
8. Bridge Over Troubled Water (8:08)

CD Two (Danger):
1. Not Afraid Pt. 2 (19:32)
2. Beyond The Years (31:22)

The Neal Morse Band (now NMB) was formed in 2012, featuring long-time collaborators Neal Morse (vocals, keyboards, and guitars), Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals) and Randy George (bass), as well as Bill Hubauer (keyboards, vocals) and Eric Gillette (guitars, vocals). The band’s first album, The Grand Experiment, showed both freshness and maturity that was further developed in 2016’s The Similitude Of A Dream, 2019’s The Great Adventure, and 2021’s Innocence & Danger.

Look for NMB on tour in North America in October 2021 and in Europe throughout May/June 2022. Tour dates coming soon!”

You can check out Mike Portnoy’s recent post below.

Photo Credit: Mike Portnoy – Instagram