Pink Floyd Clarifies Affiliation With Roger Waters After Cancellations

Following the news of Roger Waters‘ canceled shows in Krakow and Frankfurt, Pink Floyd recently shared a post on their official Twitter account to clarify that the band had anything to do with the called-off concerts, showing that they didn’t want to be associated with their former band member.

Last year, Waters’ two shows in Krakow were canceled due to his controversial views on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Following that, it was also rumored that his May 28 concert in Frankfurt also had the risk of being called off due to antisemitism accusations. Not surprisingly, it was recently confirmed that German officials canceled his show in the city due to the exact reason.

Less than a month ago, Roger Waters had called his former band ‘Faux Floyd‘ and his former bandmates talentless. Yet, following the backlash, he clarified the air by saying that he had never called David Gilmour’s solos horrible. Then, he described them as the best in rock history.

However, Waters’ latest statements don’t seem to have softened the air between him and the remaining Pink Floyd members. Apparently, the band doesn’t want to be associated with Waters and tries to distance their name from the bassist, judging from their recent tweet. They made it clear by writing that the canceled shows belonged to Waters rather than Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd’s tweet read:

“Contrary to reports in the Times today, Pink Floyd concerts have not been called off in Krakow or in Frankfurt. These shows were by Roger Waters.”

It is known from Waters’ previous statements that Gilmour has control over the band’s social media accounts. So, considering the tweet posted by the band’s account, it seems like Gilmour doesn’t want Waters to be associated with Pink Floyd, although he was a prominent member who contributed significantly to the band’s success.