Roger Waters At Risk Of Losing His Gig After Discrimination Accusations

Roger Waters has no fear of expressing his sincere opinions, even on serious matters. Although he claims he has never had an antisemitic thought in his life, Waters is now facing the risk of canceling his upcoming concert in Frankfurt due to antisemitism accusations.

Waters is getting ready to hit the road for his This Is Not a Drill 2023 tour, during which he will visit several German cities, including Frankfurt. However, his May 28 concert in the city is on the brink of being canceled. Frankfurt politicians, including Mayor Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, are now calling to cancel Waters’ show.

Uwe Becker, the antisemitism commissioner for the state of Hesse, recently issued a statement about Roger Waters. “Waters is a bad example of aggressive, Israel-related antisemitism, and he should, therefore not be given an artistic platform in Hesse,” he declared. Frankfurt SPD party leader Mike Josef and Green candidate Manuela Rottmann also joined Uwe’s stance.

For his boycott calls for the Israeli government as the outspoken supporter of the BDS movement, Roger Waters has been accused of antisemitism. During his previous shows, Waters caused great controversy by using a giant pig balloon with a Star of David on its back. This was seen as a highly-provocative act, but the musician believed it was a non-violent protest.

Waters also stood by Russia’s side in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war. He accused the Ukrainian government of allowing the West to fuel them and encouraging radical nationalists. When these statements caused him to receive a huge backlash, he wrote an open letter to urge Vladimir Putin to make a diplomatic settlement.

Mike Josef is on the supervisory board which rented the concert hall to Roger Waters’ tour promoters, and he already had submitted an application to the Frankfurt politicians to cancel the concert. This wasn’t the first time Waters faced this threat, as his Poland concerts were also rumored to be canceled.