Avril Lavigne Shows What She Thinks About Blink-182 As She Shares A Video From Inside The Car

Avril Lavigne shared multiple videos on her official Instagram stories while she was jamming to Blink-182 song, ‘First Date’ in the car while driving to the studio with rapper Mod Sun, and apparently, the two were having the best time of their lives.

As many of you know,  Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun released their song ‘Flames’ on January 8, 2021, for Mod Sun’s fourth studio album. It is the first time the pair working together and even prior to the release of their song, fans were already excited to see them together working in the studio.

Two weeks after the release of the track, the duo also released a music video for the ‘Flames’ on Mod Sun’s official Youtube channel and the video already has over 4 million views which is obvious proof that fans are thrilled to see the two together.

Recently, Avril Lavigne shared videos of herself and Mod Sun while the two were dancing and singing Blink-182’s iconic song ‘First Date’ on her official Instagram stories. Lavigne stated that the two are heading to the studio and singing Blink-182’s song as a warm-up which was extremely exciting for the fans to find out.

Here is what Lavigne said:

“Pre-studio warm-up”

You can see the Instagram stories below.