Robert DeLeo Shares The Stone Temple Pilots Riff Scott Weiland Wrote By ‘Humming’

Songwriters are usually expected to be familiar with an instrument since they enable them to come up with and create the melody that will accompany the lyrics. Although the DeLeo brothers created most of Stone Temple Pilots’ songs, Scott Weiland also contributed to the process despite not knowing how to play any instruments. In a recent interview with Guitar World, Robert DeLeo explained how Weiland came up with the unforgettable heavy riffs of ‘Dead and Bloated.’

“I have to tell you, Scott actually came up with the riff, and he didn’t actually play an instrument!” said Robert DeLeo, speaking about ‘Dead and Bloated.’ “I remember we were both working on Sunset Boulevard. He was driving models around to their shoots, working across the street at a modeling agency. I was at a guitar shop. He would run over sometimes to hang out.”

Recalling how the riffs originated, Rober DeLeo recalled, “Once, he just came and hummed it to me. I put it to a guitar and said, ‘Like this, right?’ That’s how that whole thing originated. I converted it over to guitar, thanks to his humming abilities!”

After ‘Core,’ which was a very successful step into the music world, Stone Temple Pilots released seven more albums, the last of which came in 2020 under the title of ‘Perdida.’ That was their second album after the unfortunate and unexpected death of Scott Weiland. The late vocalist had heavily contributed to Stone Temple Pilots’ sound with his Jim Morrison-inspired shaman-like hollerings and, as it seems, with his humming.