Billy Gibbons’ Favorite Prince Solo

Prince rocked the stage for over three decades and built a reputation with his wide vocal range, ability to make smooth vocal transitions, and captivating stage persona. However, he also played several instruments and was also a well-known guitarist. The guitar solos he created showed how well he grasps the spirit of his songs and the harmony between the instrument and lyrics.

The musician has influenced many names in the music industry with his capabilities as a musician, and although most artists have looked up to his vocal talent and stage presence, some have truly appreciated his guitar playing. One of those who found inspiration in Prince was ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons. One day Gibbons listened to a short solo by Prince, and this moment made him a lifelong fan.

Which One Is Billy Gibbons’ Most Appreciated Prince Song?

There are many well-crafted guitar solos by Prince, including ‘Purple Rain,’ ‘Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?’ ‘Fury,’ and ‘Let’s Go Crazy.’ ‘When Doves Cry,’ the lead single from Prince’s sixth studio album ‘Purple Rain,’ is undoubtedly a song that has been highly praised by many. Billy Gibbons is one of the names that were very impressed upon hearing the song for the first time.

The short guitar solo that lasts about 10 seconds at the beginning of the song was what turned Billy into a loyal Prince fan. Speaking to Ultimate Prince in 2020, the ZZ Top frontman revealed how moved he was when he first heard this song. Describing this solo as a ‘killer,’ Gibbons shared that he thinks this track also shows Prince’s guitar mastery. According to him, many recognized Prince’s giftedness on the six-string guitar after this solo.

Billy Gibbons’ words on his favorite Prince guitar solo:

“‘When Doves Cry’ is it for me, really. That opening guitar figure is killer. That passage solidified our admiration for Prince as a truly gifted soloist on the six-string — something that was overlooked ’til the sound of that first fill hit the airwaves.”

You can listen to this solo of ‘When Doves Cry’ on Youtube below.