Ozzy Osbourne’s Son Jack And Chris Cornell’s Daughter Lilly Discuss Having Mental Health Issues As Celebrity Kids

Black Sabbath frontmen Ozzy Osbourne‘s son Jack Osbourne opened up about being the son of a worldwide famous musician in addition to his family’s reality show, ‘The Osbournes’ during an episode of ‘Mind Wide Open’ which is an IGTV series of  Audioslave late frontman Chris Cornell‘s daughter Lilly Cornell.

Mind Wide Open is a new IGTV interview series created and hosted by Lily Cornell and it was first released on July 20, 2020, via Instagram TV. The whole purpose of the show is to reduce the wrong perception of mental issues and psychology. The show also includes guest appearances from famous people of music, pop culture, and the entertainment industry in order to reveal their stories.

The latest guest on the show was Jack Osbourne and as many of you know, he was a star on his family’s reality show, ‘The Osbournes’ which started to air on MTV on March 5, 2002 and became the most-viewed series on the channel until its last episode on March 21, 2005.

While the show was a huge success for every member of the family and added more fame to their present one, it was Jack’s first show ever and, unfortunately, he was mostly demonstrated as a rebellious teenager who liked partying in the series.

During a recent episode of ‘Mind Wide Open,’ Jack Osbourne opened up about those times when he was not in a good place during the show and revealed that ‘The Osbournes’ made everything worse by triggering his depression even more. Ultimately, Jack was addicted to drugs and alcohol pretty aggressively and ended up in rehab at the young age of 17.

Here is what Jack said:

“I went through a real rough patch. From the moment that when we did ‘The Osbournes’ to when I was about… We only did the show for, like, three years, but during that three years, I was not in a good place. And it’s because human beings are not designed to be famous. And I’m sure you can relate — growing up with a rock star father, fame is torturous, and as a child, all of a sudden, it’s, like, on this hugely successful show, which kind of happened very accidentally. It’s not like we were, like, ‘Yeah, let’s go out and we’re gonna go do this thing.’ It just kind of happened. And I really lost my way. I struggled a lot with depression even before the show, and then once the show kicked off, I kind of fell into drugs and alcohol. And it was pretty aggressive. I often joke that I picked up a good, healthy Oxycontin habit. And I ended up in rehab at 17. And I’ve been sober ever since, but it took a lot of self-work to kind of try and knock back a three-year experience.”

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