David Lee Roth Talks About His Debt To His Father: ‘It Took 34 Years And 3 Surgeries To Pay It Off’

Former Van Halen vocalist and solo musician, David Lee Roth, recently posted a series of new sketches on his Twitter account and talked about the days that Van Halen struggled a lot both financially and because people thought they were ‘too loud’ and ‘too heavy’ while revealing that it took him 34 years and 3 back surgeries to pay off his father.

As you know, Diamond Dave is one of the most iconic frontmen in rock history and he achieved worldwide fame as the lead vocalist of Van Halen. Although he had been a member of the band since the early days, his tenure was not a continuous one due to the tensions between Roth and the other band members.

Although he often made it to the headlines of rock news with his music projects, this has changed in the past year since he started working on his visual artwork. Just some days ago, Roth had told the story of Van Halen’s first years when they were so broke they would perform 70 songs each night, sleep in their cars, and share one cigarette because they didn’t have enough to smoke one each.

With his recent sketches, he continued the story and opened up about his personal relationship with his father. Apparently, at the beginning of their career, Van Halen was at some point banned from performing at numerous clubs because they were ‘too loud’ and ‘too heavy’ but the ticket sales had actually exploded.

At that point, Roth’s father purchased a house ‘deep in Nixon turf’ and encouraged Van Halen to rehearse there which turned out to be a bad idea as ‘Reagan roots still run deep’ there and people supporting conservative politics were not that thrilled with the band living in their neighborhood and making music there.

Eventually, Diamond Dave decided to buy the house from his father but it took him almost three and a half decades of working relentlessly, to the point that he had to have three back surgeries, to pay off his debt to his father. However, Van Halen was ‘going to the moon and everyone knew it.’ He finished his post by adding an early Van Halen photo in which the band members are captured jumping up, making their way to the moon.

Here’s what was written in the first sketch:

“Too loud, too heavy… Wild gyrations! (my contribution)

Banned everywhere

Ticket counts exploded.”

Roth went on to say:

It didn’t help when Pop bought a house deep in Nixon turf and had us start rehearsing there… Reagan roots still run deep down here.

A couple years later, Pop sold the house; to me. The folks across the street havan’t said hello in forty years. Trust fund antagonists fear not; Pop charged ‘full freight.’

Took 34 years (and 3 back surgeries) to pay it off – but let’s stay focused.”

This is what was written in the last one:

We were going to the moon and everyone knew it

The authorities couldn’t wait for us to leave…”

You can check out David Lee Roth’s post below.