Gene Simmons Says He’s Close To The Finish Line Or Casket


Gene Simmons was recently interviewed by TMZ Live, and during their conversation, he revealed the KISS-related reason he decided to sell his house in Las Vegas.

Recently, Gene Simmons announced that he was selling his Las Vegas mansion for $14.95 million, which he bought almost a year ago for $8.6 million. Simmons’ Vegas home has drawn a lot of attention with its modern look and remarkable interior design since his announcement. However, the bassist hasn’t been able to sell his house and decided to do something about it.

The KISS bassist stated that he changed the mansion’s price from $14.95 million to $13.5 million but added that he will be selective about the potential buyer. According to Simmons, he needs to meet that person because he doesn’t want to sell it to a ‘knucklehead.’ Following that, Gene explained why he decided to sell his brand new home and said that his wife and kids didn’t enjoy spending time in Las Vegas.

Gene Simmons added that he couldn’t change his wife and kids’ minds by emphasizing that he’s getting older and older and ‘close to the finish line.’ However, the bassist seems sure that he will live a long life like his mother, Florence Klein, who passed away three years ago. He drew attention to his great life quality and exclaimed that he’s a very lucky person because he didn’t lead a miserable life.

TMZ Live’s tweet read:

“Looking to move to Vegas? Gene Simmons wants you to buy his home! We spoke with Gene about why he’s unloading the place just a year after purchasing it.”

Simmons said during the interview:

“I’d like to meet the person that’s gonna wind up buying the place because I don’t wanna just hand it over to some knucklehead. I want you to enjoy it and have a good life.”

When asked about whether he could convince his wife and kids to stay, Gene responded:

I’m 72 and close to the finish line, or casket. By the way, buy KISS’ caskets are very good.”

The interviewer chimed in and asked about when the finish line would end, to which Simmons replied:

“I don’t know. I think the quality of life is much more important than how many years you got. My mother lived to be 94 years of age, so I guess I’ll live long. It’s about quality of life. If you are miserable… I’m blessed because I’ve never had an operation, never been high and drunk in my life. I like farm animals, though. I like farm animals’ grill.”

You check out the tweet below.