David Lee Roth Surprises Fans With A Dance Video To A Reggaeton Pop Hit

David Lee Roth is back with another performance proving that age is just a number. The former Van Halen frontman impressed his fans with an energetic dance performance on his latest YouTube video. However, the truly surprising part of the video was not David’s dancing but rather the unusual song selection.

David Lee Roth is never one to shy away from the spotlight. And his YouTube channel is no exception, as he keeps the fun and the music alive for his loyal fanbase. From sharing solo versions of Van Halen classics like ‘Panama’ and ‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love‘ to dishing out entertaining stories from his time with the band, David certainly knows how to keep the viewers hooked.

In his recent video on his official YouTube channel,  Roth brings something fresh and unexpected to the table. Rocking his top hat, the singer moves effortlessly to the beat of Daddy Yankee’s ‘Con Calma.’ You would hardly believe that he’s in his late 60s, given the energy and finesse he brings to the dance floor.

Fans have been flooding the comment section, expressing their admiration and delight at this surprise performance. Many are amazed at how Roth continues to defy his age, while others appreciate his willingness to embrace new musical styles and trends.

David Lee Roth’s latest dance video is yet another testament to his age-defying charisma. This refreshing performance is a must-watch for fans who want to witness the rock icon stepping out of his comfort zone and keeping the Van Halen legacy alive.