David Lee Roth Shares What He’s Been Doing After The Retirement Announcement

Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth posted a tweet that gave a hint about how the singer had been spending his days after he announced his retirement decision.

As you might know, the iconic musician David Lee Roth has various interests other than music. To many fans’ surprise, he is a state-licensed emergency medical technician in NY, a martial artist, and a painter who likes to depict social and political issues in his paintings with his own commentary.

Most of the time, Roth shares his paintings with his fans through his social media accounts. As seen in his previous artwork, Diamond Dave has focused on global warming, climate change, and consumer culture while trying to draw his fans’ attention to these issues.

Although Roth has been focusing on other fields of work for a while, it appears he is back to his painting after announcing his retirement decision. According to Roth’s recent tweet, the rock icon focused on making another impressive artwork which implied that he now found the time to express himself by painting.

In the tweet, Roth shared his art with his fans with no caption to reveal the idea behind it. The painting is quite abstract at first sight, however, there appears to be an inscription written on it which states ‘the holidays begin’ and ‘the coloring returns.’ As it might be referring to Halloween, Roth’s message might also imply that his retirement decision brought color to his life.

Roth simply wrote a few words to give an idea about his painting:

“Havin’ A Soggy Halloween!

How ’bout you?

Postcards from the bottom.

The holidays begin…

The coloring returns…!”

You can check out David Lee Roth’s tweet below.