David Lee Roth Criticizes People’s Great Interest In Fast Food Chains

Former Van Halen vocalist and contemporary visual artist David Lee Roth recently posted a new sketch on his Twitter account and made fun of the big corporations and restaurant chains which are widely preferred by millions of Americans.

Just a couple of years ago, David Lee Roth used to make the headlines in relation to his latest collaborations, upcoming music projects, and concerts. However, in the past year, the musician has started working on his talents as a visual artist and posting them on his Twitter account so as to share them with his devoted fanbase.

His sketches are highly popular on social media and can often be interpreted as criticisms of social and political events. With his recent sketch, Diamond Dave criticized the people who consume fast food without thinking about their health. He made fun of the chain restaurants being preferred so much that they have become ‘A-List Restaurants.’

Here’s what Diamond Dave said in his recent caricature:

America celebrates return to A-List Restaurants

A McDonald’s

A Denny’s

A Chick-fil-A’

A Taco Bell

A Wendy’s

A Krispy Kreme”

You can check out his tweet below.