Lzzy Hale’s Unrequited Love For Corey Taylor


Halestorm’s journey as an American rock band from Pennsylvania started with Lzzy Hale as the lead vocalist and her brother as the drummer. Then joined guitarist Joe Hottinger and bassist Josh Smith to form the band that we know today. Halestorm has become one of the leading metal bands of the 2000s. They have toured around the world for many years.

They recently released their fifth studio album ‘Back From the Dead.’ After two years of coping with the pandemic and many therapy sessions later, the band claimed that this was the most personal and raw album they had ever released. Apart from working for the band’s musical journey, Hale has a private life she likes to keep to herself. Still, the singer once admitted having a crush on a fellow musician, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor.

What Did Lzzy Hale Say About Corey Taylor? 


Fans thought Lzzy Hale was having an affair with Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger, and the rumor was confirmed in 2015 by the band’s bassist Josh Smith. Shortly after, Lzzy revealed that she is bisexual, and last year she even confirmed that she was in an 18-year relationship with a man. Although she didn’t mention his name initially, she most likely referred to her relationship with Hottinger.

Although Hale has been in a relationship for many years, she told Loudwire then that she had a crush on Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor. She believed the fans didn’t acknowledge his handsome smile, but unfortunately, the frontman wasn’t interested in such a relationship.

When asked about Corey Taylor, she responded:

“I’m gonna ruin his hard-ass reputation right now, but, you know, there’s something that I’ve always liked about the scary-looking guy that will, you know, in the morning call me ‘darling.’ I don’t think that anyone has ever given him the recognition for what an incredibly handsome smile he has. He never gets recognized for that.”

Despite being in a relationship for nearly 19 years, it’s clear from her statement that she found frontman Corey Taylor to be a man who looks scary and incredibly handsome at the same time. Hale believes that his charm was under the radar regarding public recognition, so she praised the rocker for his looks.