Ed Sheeran Shares A Sneak Peek Of The New Music Video For ‘Afterglow’

Ed Sheeran excited his fans by posting a short clip of the upcoming music video for his song ‘Afterglow’ on his Instagram account yesterday. 

Sheeran released ‘Afterglow’ in December 2020 with an official performance video of him playing the song on the guitar. The video currently has 94 Million views on YouTube and over 40 thousand comments. The fans called the song a masterpiece and some even stated that this is his best work ever. His fans also commented that he sounds like an angel.

Thus, it looks like Ed decided to give the fans of the song something else to get excited for. He recently posted a video on his Instagram account giving a sneak peek behind the scenes of his upcoming music video ‘Afterglow.’ He regarded the video as ‘something special.’

Here is what he fully stated in the caption of the Instagram post:

“Was recording something special today.”

As you can tell from the post, the music video is set at a church. The thing that mostly grabbed his followers’ attention was that the song suits the environment as it sounds ‘heavenly.’ Another thing the fans appreciated in this video was that Sheeran did not use playback but instead, he sang acoustically along with a choir.

Although Sheeran continues to tease his fans by not revealing the release date of his highly anticipated upcoming album or the day he is going to drop the music video for ‘Afterglow,’ he still pleased them with this ‘heavenly’ sneak peek.

You can watch the official lyric video of ‘Afterglow’ below.