Billy Idol Plans On Suppressing Madonna’s Cover Of ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’

Billy Idol is covering a Madonna hit, ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.’

The rocker is not only covering the hit song but is also planning to suppress it with his own version.

The Track Is a Part of the 40th Anniversary ‘Rebel Yell’ Album

Billy Idol’s 1983 hit album ‘Rebel Yell’ is turning 40. To celebrate, Idol is planning to mark the milestone with a special release, though not until 2024.

Idol told that the package will feature ‘a few extras on it,’ including a version of the 1978 Rose Royce ballad ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,’ which might sound more familiar because of Madonna’s version. During his recent interview with Yahoo, he discussed the song and detailed it with the following:

“It’s not what you expect. My version is a kick-ass f*cking rock song. I’m really singing it, and I sound like I mean it. I must’ve been broken up about something! I don’t if something was happening in my life at the time, or why I even wanted to do the song. I probably wanted to do it because I have always looked for covers that people couldn’t imagine me singing, like ‘Mony Mony’ and ‘To Be a Lover’… But if I do say so myself, actually we would’ve pissed all over Madonna’s version, because it’s a rock version.”

Billy Idol Did Not Like the Cover Art for ‘Rebel Yell’

Idol also disclosed that he had a strong dislike for the cover art of his album. After a disagreement with the company about changing the cover art, he took the master tapes, mistakenly grabbing the wrong ones, and gave them to his drug dealer. He then warned his record company, saying that the drug dealer was in need of money and if they were to delay it for too long, he would bootleg the tapes.

Idol’s record company believed him and gave in to his demands. He recalled it was thrilling to scare them and noted that the company ‘never dared to cross’ him again.

It’s uncertain when the 40-year anniversary version of the album will drop, but the further details are yet to come.