Mike Shinoda Explains The Reason Behind The Massive Success Of Linkin Park’s ‘Hybrid Theory’


Linkin Park frontman Mike Shinoda spoke in a recent interview with Anthony Fantano and shared his thoughts about why Hybrid Theory was such a great album.

Hybrid Theory is the debut album of iconic band Linkin Park that released in October 2000. It has great singles such as One Step Closer, In The End, Papercut, and more. Also, it peaked number two in Billboard 200 charts.

In the conversation, Mike Shinoda shared his opinion on why this album was so successful worldwide and said that everybody in that era bought the CD’s and this is the main reason for the success.

Afterward, Mike mentioned the fact that they sold 10 million CDs in the United States and 30 million CDs worldwide and showed how a big impact they created around the whole world with Hybrid Theory.

Here is what Mike Shinoda said:

“That’s actually interesting because way back in the day, on the first album, we were right on the lucky side of the cusp of the Napster explosion, so the reason ‘Hybrid Theory’ is still the biggest debut of this of the millennium or so, the reason it’s as big as it is, is because everybody still bought CDs.

They bought tons of CDs because the way the system is still evolving like those counted for a lot. When we got our Diamond awards, our trophies for ‘Hybrid Theory,’ the label was like, ‘This is 10 million US only, you guys have sold 30-something in the world just off one record. This will never happen again.’

They can change the numbers and say, ‘Oh, you know, streams are worth this much now…’ and make it an equivalent or whatever, or in a different digital-to-physical equivalent, this will never happen again because of the timing.”

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