Ronnie Radke Supports David Draiman Amid Taylor Swift Controversy

Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke is upset over the fact that they are getting dissed about an incident that happened two years ago.

In 2022, the band had lost their laptops, which in Radke’s words, was one of their most needed gears during their shows.

While replying to Disturbed frontman David Draiman stating his thoughts on Taylor Swift, the talk show host Eddie Trunk recently posted similar words on X, pointing out to the artists who rely on their computer files to perform:

“Agree 100% with David Draiman on this! Any artist these days playing a live show that’s truly (at least predominantly) actually live I respect. Because sadly so many are not and fans are paying to hear computer files, and it’s pathetic!”

Radke, offended by Trunk’s words, replied harshly:

“The irony in my band literally touring as we speak with Disturbed. How f*cking funny. When you gonna just apologize for being a f*cking moron and speaking on behalf of real musicians when you yourself aren’t one?”

David Draiman’s Comments On Taylor Swift

As opposed to the rockers who dislike pop music, Draiman stated that he highly respected what Swift has been doing.

During his band’s performance, the vocalist invited two fathers and their 12-year-old daughters, Ava and Chelsea, onto the stage. He then addressed the girls, suggesting that their choice of attending a Disturbed concert over a Taylor Swift concert indicated that their parents are raising them on rock and roll. Recognizing the potential interpretation of his comment as a slight against the 34-year-old pop superstar, Draiman quickly added:

“Hey, don’t forget: Taylor Swift still kicks ass.”

When some people from the audience responded with boos to this remark, Draiman defended Swift, saying:

“Don’t you boo her. You know what? I will stand up and applaud any pop artist that gets up on stage and sings live and plays a guitar live in front of a whole group of fucking thousands of girls and guys, young fans. Don’t talk sh*t about Taylor Swift. She is for real. And she’s making sure that an entire generation of new music fans understand what it means to actually play music live.”

Trunk’s Additional Comments & Feud With Sebastian Bach

It all began when Falling in Reverse had to withdraw from the WIIL Rock festival last month due to losing their laptops. In a video message to fans, Radke commented:

“As a band in 2022, you need your laptops. It’s like driving a car without an engine.”

These remarks triggered a response from the critic of backing tracks, Trunk, who took to social media to criticize Radke:

“How much longer are fans, promoters, media, just going to accept the epidemic of live rock shows… not really being live?”

In response, Radke fired back, stating:

“So you wanna talk hella sh*t about laptops but go watch kiss lip sync, Steven Tyler plays the piano then half way through the song he stands on top of piano while it sill plays yet here we are acting like they all don’t use tracks you f*cking idiot. Literal moron.”

The Falling in Reverse singer also shared a video of Trunk introducing a solo performance by Sebastian Bach, where it seems a fake crowd noise track plays as Bach takes the stage.

Bach commented on Radke’s remarks:

“It’s always so much fun to show someone what the world was like before the internet existed, get f*cking ready. Virtual reality is so much fun until you have to deal with actual reality. In your face. Can’t wait to meet you in person. Name the time and the place, and I will introduce you to rock and roll in person, man.”

You can see the recent tweet below.