Billy Burnette Admits Resenting Mick Fleetwood After Lindsey Buckingham’s Departure

Billy Burnette became a member of Fleetwood Mac after Lindsey Buckingham’s departure in 1987. Yet, after a 6-year stint, the musician parted ways with the band to pursue a solo career. When Buckingham left Mac a second time in 2018, the band was preparing for the ‘An Evening with Fleetwood Mac’ tour. Apparently, Burnette expected Mick Fleetwood to invite him to the tour to fill the spot, as he revealed during a new chat with Rolling Stone.

“I did,” the guitarist replied when asked whether he thought it was possible for him to return to the band. “In fact, I got really upset with Mick about that. I’d heard that the girls wanted me back in the band. But Mick’s management team has always had a problem with me from that time I was in the Zoo. Some people gel, and some people don’t.”

So, Burnette felt disappointed by Mick Fleetwood since he expected him to bring him back to the band for that 2018-19 tour. The musician continued, “I could have done that tour easily. I saw them do a couple of shows, and I went, ‘Oh, that doesn’t sound very good.’”

Following that, when asked if he had called Mick to say he wanted to be back in the band, Billy Burnette exclaimed, “Yeah.” The musician added, “He said, ‘We’ve already made that decision.’ I got upset with him. We didn’t make up for a year or two after that. But we’re like family. You can get in a fight with your brother or something. You can’t carry around bad vibes with somebody forever.”

Thus, although Burnette was hurt by Mick Fleetwood’s decision to bring on Neil Finn of Crowded House and former Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell instead of him, he didn’t make it a big deal and made peace with Mick after a short period of resentment. Maybe, the guitarist will find a chance to play with Fleetwood Mac again in the band’s upcoming shows.