David Lee Roth Reveals The Woman He Struggled To Forget For 10 Years

Van Halen’s former vocalist David Lee Roth recently posted his new artworks on his Twitter account with which he continued the story that he’d started almost a week ago while opening up about his personal relationships and heartbreaks.

As you probably know, David Lee Roth achieved worldwide fame as one of the most influential frontmen in the rock scene thanks to his successful career with Van Halen. Although he’s mostly known for his talents as a musician, in the past year he’s been making it to our headlines for another reason.

Since the beginning of Covid-19, Diamond Dave has started working more on his visual artworks, rather than on his music, which has angered some of his devoted fans. However, the majority of his fan base enjoys seeing Roth’s artworks as he often uses them to tell unknown stories about his life as a rockstar.

In his recent sketches, Roth started narrating the story by recalling that he would often visit a bar, while looking for his girlfriend. However, when the bartender would ask him when they used to hang out at that bar, he’d say ten years ago, and then get a flashback to something else that happened to him.

As you may recall, just some days ago, Roth had told the story of the woman that broke into his house and started making her way towards his bedroom. Although this breaking-in seemed like an ‘every guy’s fantasy’ type of thing, it apparently wasn’t.

The woman didn’t expect to see Diamond Dave standing at the entrance of his bedroom door and soon Roth realized that she was not there to seduce him. She had broken into Roth’s house thinking she’s James Bond, and guess who was behind all this; Jimmy I and II.

As it turns out, they had called the local authorities to tell them that they’ve seen something suspicious going on in David’s house and the woman who broke in seems to have been a police officer who thought ‘entering and searching without a warrant’ was fine.

Here’s what story that Roth told with his recent sketches:

“- Oh hello, I was just looking for my girlfriend, used to hang out here…

– When was that?

Oh, about 10 years ago.

In a flash, I know what this is…”

He went on to narrate:

“Woman, late 40s, every room… Left foot first, then right, sideways up the stairs. No calling out – stabilizing her ‘purse’ with both hands. Didn’t do her homework. I’ve lived here for 40 years.

Closes her eyes and ‘recites’ keeping that purse nice and tight. Cross abdomen. I don’t think she expected to see me…”

Finally, he explained:

“This is a ‘sneak and peek.’ Courtesy of Jimmy I and Jimmy II and this is James Bond or thinks she is…

A ‘sneak peek’ is kid talk for entering and searching without a warrant. It’s not legal but the cops do it all the time.

One of the best sneak peeks is in ‘Bad Boys II.’ Will Smit and Martin Lawrence pretend to be ‘rat catchers.’ They should make another one (Pt.3), just sayin’ and The Jimmy brothers did exactly what I thought they would.

Called local ‘whoever’; with ‘concerns’ and ‘suspicions.’

-What’s going on in there?

‘We gotta get in there…’

All in the hope of catching me doing anything wrong.


You can check out Diamond Dave’s post below.