Anthrax’ Scott Ian Explains His ‘Easy’ Offer To Dave Grohl

In a recent Instagram post, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian revealed details of a collaborative effort with Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl, explaining how simple was his offer to the frontman.

According to Anthrax’s post, the collaboration took place spontaneously at Studio 606, where Anthrax was recording their new album and the Foo Fighters were rehearsing. A casual visit by Grohl to Anthrax’s session led to a proposal the following day from Ian, suggesting they record a song:

“Here’s the story: Anthrax was recording our new album at 606, and the Foo’s were there rehearsing at the same time. Dave had popped into the studio to hang and listen to what we were doing and we’d gone over to hear the Foo’s rehearse.

Scott texted Dave the next morning and said: ‘Hey! Good to see ya the other day. Are you rehearsing today? I’ll be there doing guitars. Wanna record a Minor Threat song? Bad Brains?’ He replied immediately with the Spotify link for The Regulator. Scott said he’d be there at 12:30 pm, and Dave said, ‘See you at 1.’ It was that simple.”

You can see the artwork for the release below.

Photo Credit: Anthrax – Instagram

‘G.B.I.’ is Made For a Charitable Cause

Dubbed G.B.I., the project also features Anthrax’s Charlie Benante and aims to cover Bad Brains’ iconic track ‘The Regulator’ from their 1982 debut album. Scheduled for release on April 20, 2024, the collaboration is not just a musical endeavor but a charitable one, with all proceeds directed towards the healthcare needs of Bad Brains’ frontman, H.R. (Paul ‘H.R.’ Hudson).

As per Anthrax’s post, covering ‘The Regulator’ required only two live takes to capture the energy of the original. Grohl took on the roles of drummer and vocalist, Benante made the artwork for the single, and Ian handled guitar duties.

This Record Store Day exclusive is set to be a limited edition, with only 3000 copies pressed. The initiative also shines a light on H.R.’s ongoing battle with SUNCT, a rare and severe type of headache that has plagued him for over a decade. Despite undergoing brain surgery in 2017, H.R.’s health challenges led to financial strain and the need to cancel his 2023 tour.