David Lee Roth Releases New Version Of Van Halen’s ‘Dance The Night Away’

The singer David Lee Roth announced on his Twitter account that he released a new version of the track ‘Dance The Night Away’ and added a new one to his recently shared re-recorded Van Halen songs.

Even though many questions were raised after his departure from Van Halen in 1985, Diamond Dave clearly couldn’t keep away from the band. He reunited with them briefly in 1996, and they also shared the stage from 2006 until their disbandment after Eddie Van Halen’s passing in 2020.

In the meantime, he pursued a solo career, but following the rumors regarding his retirement, it seems like the musician wanted to return to his roots. The singer released the new version of ‘Panama’ from the band’s 1984 album in the previous days. The vocalist then continued delighting the fans by releasing his version of the 1978 song ‘Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love.’

Recently, he kept the fans’ excitement alive by sharing the re-recorded version of the band’s ‘Dance The Night Away,’ originally featured in 1979’s ‘Van Halen II.’ Roth stated that Al Estrada, Ryan Wheeler, and Francis Valentino delivered the instruments in the track, which was recorded in May by Tom Syrowski. The fans shared their happiness in the comments while praising the singer’s voice and mentioning their happiness with these re-recorded versions of Van Halen’s pieces.

David Lee Roth wrote the following in his tweet:

“Roth Lives! – ‘Dance The Night Away

Recorded in May 2022, Henson Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Al Estrada: Guitar

Ryan Wheeler: Bass

Francis Valentino: Drums

Recorded by Tom Syrowski”

You can check out the tweet and the song below.