David Gilmour’s Wife Polly Samson Doesn’t Fear Roger Waters Backlash

Polly Samson, the wife of Pink Floyd‘s David Gilmour, recently turned to Twitter to express her lack of regret over previous tweets about Roger Waters in light of his controversial opinions on the Israeli and Russian governments.

The musician found himself in hot water after criticizing the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestinians, leading to accusations of antisemitism. This resulted in the cancellation of his concerts and prompted him to clarify that he was not antisemitic but was only standing against oppression. However, despite his efforts, some people remained unconvinced. To make it worse, his remarks comparing Putin’s politics to the American government’s actions in Vietnam and Iraq only fanned the flames, causing more people to react.

Among the many incensed by Waters’ claims was Polly Samson, who didn’t hesitate to share her thoughts on Twitter. She expressed her anger and labeled Waters a ‘Putin apologist, lying, thieving, hypocritical, misogynistic antisemitic.’ In a follow-up tweet a few weeks later, she also suggested a possible connection between Waters and convicted pedophile Scott Ritter. Disturbed by the connection between the two, she stated that they used a code to encourage Putin to kill more Ukrainians. Of course, these claims did not go unaddressed.

Apparently, Samson’s words triggered a wave of antisemitic messages and tweets aimed at her. She exposed the issue with a tweet responding to an example of such hateful commentary directed toward Jewish people. In subsequent tweets, she admitted that she had been receiving ‘filthy’ remarks since calling out Waters. Despite the repugnant comments, she expressed no regrets, emphasizing that standing by would be far worse for her.

A user tweeted the following:

“They’ve been expelled 1,030 times (that we know of) for the crimes of usury, corruption, theft, ritual murder of children, genital mutilations, etc., since 1,200 B.C.E., but now operate with impunity, globally. Who are ‘they?'”

To which Polly Samson responded:

“Since calling out Roger Waters’ antisemitism, I receive filth like this every day.

It’s vile, but I have no regrets because being a bystander would be so much worse.”

Gilmour’s wife was not the only one that was troubled by Roger Waters’ opinions. They caused the German government to take action against the musician and cancel his concerts in Frankfurt, which opened the way for a legal battle. In the end, the former Pink Floyd member won and regained his right to perform in the set place with the support of his fans and famous names like Katie Halper.