David Gilmour Bids Farewell To His Close Friend, Gino Strada


Pink Floyd co-founder and guitarist David Gilmour shared a post to pay tribute to his friend and Emergency co-founder, Gino Strada, on his official Twitter account after he passed away while trying to help those in need.

Gino Strada was an Italian surgeon, peace and human rights activist, and the founder of Emergency. He founded this non-profit organization with his other colleagues in 1994 to provide free medical treatment to those in need due to war and poverty by opening hospitals.

Gino Strada’s primary reason behind founding Emergency was considering free medical treatment a natural human right that must be accessible to everyone. The organization currently supports people in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Iraq, Italy, and more. Unfortunately, Gino died on a ship on a rescue mission on August 13, 2021.

David Gilmour recently announced that his friend Gino Strada passed away and expressed his sorrow through his Twitter account. He praised Strada’s constant efforts to help people all around the world. Gilmour emphasized that Strada was a great person who did everything to support victims of war and poverty.

Gilmour’s tweet read as follows:

“I’m so sorry to hear of the death of Gino Strada, the founder of the humanitarian medical group Emergency. A good man who did amazing things to help the victims of war and poverty.”

You can see the tweet below.