Jeff Baxter Says Yngwie Malmsteen’s Skills Are Beyond Most Human Beings

The guitarist Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter praised Yngwie Malmsteen‘s guitar talent while sharing their memory during a recent conversation with Mitch Lafon.

During the ’80s, Yngwie Malmsteen appeared on the music scene with his neoclassical guitar playing. Malmsteen gained success with his 1984 debut album entitled ‘Rising Force.’ While it was number 14 on the Swedish Albums Chart, it became number 60 on the US Billboard 200. The album was nominated for the Best Rock Instrumental Performance at the Grammy Awards in 1986. It was also considered one of the pioneers of neoclassical metal.

Malmsteen’s success continued with the albums like ‘Facing the Animal’ and ‘Alchemy.’ The guitarist created more than 20 albums throughout his 40-years music career. He also contributed to the works of significant musicians such as Steeler, Alcatrazz, and Saxon. The rocker has been considered one of the most influential guitarists with his distinctive style.

Jeff Baxter praised Malmsteen’s guitar skills during a recent conversation. The musician recalled a memory when Malmsteen invited him on stage to play guitar. According to Baxter, Malmsteen’s guitar talent was so excellent that he was beyond most human beings. Baxter resembled Malmsteen to the Italian violinist Niccolo Paganini regarding his talent. Baxter also noted that he performed a show that excited the stage’s audience the day Malmsteen invited him.

Baxter talked about Yngwie Malmsteen:

“He invited me on the stage to play, and I was, ‘Sure.’ The man is a Paganini of guitar players. This man’s capabilities are beyond most human beings. The question is, ‘Now it’s my turn. What am I going to do?’ I thought about it for a second, stepped out, and I guess there was a kind of a pause.

I just bent the G string up a whole ton and held it. I held it some more. Now the audience was starting to wreck, and I held it a little bit more. After a while, they’re on their feet screaming. It’s all about how you approach the situation. There are many different ways to do it.”

You can watch the conversation below.