David Ellefson Doesn’t Believe Another Big Four Show Is Possible

In a recent interview with BODS Mayhem Tour, former Megadeth bassist David Ellefson talked about the future of the Big Four shows. Apparently, Ellefson doesn’t have much hope about the possibility of the thrash metal legends getting back together for another Big Four show.

In 2010, the Big Four show took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, with thrash metal’s favorite bands rocking the fans’ world. Since then, fans have been asking for another occasion to bring them back together. After ongoing requests, Anthrax’s Scott Ian also shared his thoughts on the possible reunion of the Big Four and invited thrash metal legends to ‘do it again.’ While he and thrash metal fans worldwide incline toward the idea and cannot wait to see Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer on a big show again, Ellefson does not think of it as a probability.

David Ellefson, whose ties with Megadeth were cut after the sex scandal that came up in the past few years, suggested that the show they arranged years ago was a special one because it brought every one of them together again. He believes that the things that happened in the last 12 years, from the deaths of some group members to the retirement of Slayer, create an obstacle for the future reunion of the Big Four. Ellefson states that that kind of show will not be possible because the years took a toll on their health and the conditions that made it possible at the time.

Here’s what he said in his interview:

“Look, Slayer’s retired, so at this point, no. It’ll be the ‘Big Three.’ I think what made that one so cool back [in 2010 and 2011]. I had just come back to Megadeth; Joey Belladonna had just come back to Anthrax; Dave Lombardo just came back to Slayer.

There were little mini-family reunions with all of us, and then there was the big family reunion of all of us doing it together. So it really was a special moment. Jeff Hanneman’s no longer here, so a lot of things have changed since that.

Think about it — it was over a decade ago. That’s already 12 years ago now. A lot has changed in that time. And fortunately, we were all still alive and healthy. I mean, Gar and Nick Menza weren’t around anymore. Fortunately, we caught that at a moment when we were still viable and healthy and able to do it.”

In the end, it does not look probable for the Big Four to reunite for another tour despite the request of the fans and some members of these legendary bands. According to Ellefson, a concert with these bands would not be as enjoyable as the one in 2010 because Slayer disbanded, some of the Big Four members passed away, and time began eroding their health. Due to these reasons, he appears unwilling to endorse a reunion in the near future.