David Draiman Believes Elon Musk Can ‘Find The Light’ Through Disturbed

David Draiman recently tweeted an invitation to Elon Musk, thanking the Twitter CEO for liking a Disturbed cover while inviting him to watch the band live.

Elon had recently replied to a user who shared Disturbed‘s cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s hit, ‘The Sound of Silence,’ as the Tesla CEO quoted a few lines from the track, hinting he enjoyed Draiman’s remaster of it. So, the rocker saw that as an opportunity to reach out to Musk.

Draiman’s tweet thanking Elon for liking the cover follows:

Thank you, brother. You’re welcome to come see it [the cover] live whenever you like.”

The frontman then followed that tweet with another one and repeated his offer once again, stating they have a lot to talk about and how a Disturbed show might do wonders for Musk or any fan.

David stated:

Come on out and be our guest Elon Musk; there’s much I’d like to talk about.  And everyone can always use a big rock show. Largest group therapy session in the world. Music saves and heals…. And sometimes, darkness can show you the light.”

Well, only time will tell whether the billionaire will take on Draiman’s invitation and go see the band live, but it seems that the rocker is quite pleased by Elon’s comment and, we might guess, music taste.