Jon Bon Jovi’s Confession About Led Zeppelin

Bon Jovi has been considered a significant influence on the music scene since its establishment in 1983. The band gained recognition and commercial success when the third studio album ‘Slippery When Wet’ came out in 1986. The fourth one, ‘New Jersey,’ followed the previous considerable success by selling millions of copies. The band started to impact the rock scene significantly and inspired many upcoming musicians.

The group combined elements of glam metal, hard rock, and pop in their sounds. By experimenting with different genres and being influenced by other musicians, they created a distinctive sound that mainly affected the music scene. As all musicians did, they had inspirations from other successful artists’ sounds. However, Jon Bon Jovi had a confession to make about Led Zeppelin‘s impact on them.

What Did Jon Bon Jovi Say About Led Zeppelin?

Bon Jovi released the song ‘Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore’ from their tenth studio album, ‘Lost Highway’ in 2007. It was featured with the country musician LeAnn Rimes and nominated for the Academy of Country Music Award. Jon Bon Jovi talked about his then-current works in a 2007 interview with Steven Rosen.

He discussed whether he brought back Led Zeppelin days with ‘Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore.’ Jon Bon Jovi responded that Led Zeppelin never influenced him. After the interviewer asked about the song ‘One Step Closer,’ the frontman said it was a ballad reflecting more acoustic sound.

When asked if they returned to Led Zeppelin days, Jon Bon Jovi responded:

“Zeppelin? No, I never was influenced by them.”

About ‘One Step Closer,’ the frontman explained:

“That’s the ballad and had more acoustic and mandolin and pedal steel. That’s just about getting one step closer to something, hopefully, something good.”

In another interview reported by JoyZine, the lead vocalist explained that the band was influenced by many significant artists while creating their successful works. He pointed out that he was not a fan of Led Zeppelin and Bad Company.

The rocker revealed that the members drew inspiration from musicians such as The Beatles, AC/DC, Deep Purple, and Bruce Springsteen. The band created successful works with the influences they received from musicians from various genres. However, Led Zeppelin was not an inspiration for the frontman.