Chad Kroeger Recalls His Friend Getting Arrested Because Of Nickelback

We might say that drinking and driving hadn’t been the best duo over the years, but as it turns out, driving while listening to Nickelback could also be pretty damaging. Recently, chatting with Josh Klinger, Chad Kroeger recalled how a Nickelback fan was pulled over for speed and what she did to get away.

Well, the host expressed his fascination with Nickelback’s new, full-on hard rock album ‘Get Rollin’’and discussed how the song ‘San Quentin’ was on point with its thunder-like drumming, riffs, and vocals. Kroeger thanked him for his kind words and joked that it was one of those songs you shouldn’t be listening to while driving.

“Thanks, man,” said the frontman before he discussed the hazards of ‘driving and Nickelback’ quite modestly. “It’s a rocker; it’s got the energy, it’s got all the… You don’t wanna be driving while you’re listening to songs like that. You know, the foot gets a little heavy, [and] tickets start adding up.”

Kroeger then wanted to show how enjoying Nickelback while you’re on the wheels might cause some trouble. Chad noted, reading the message he got from his pal, “Somebody just sent me something… Who was this? Where’s my phone? I want to read this to you. Someone just sent me… Oh, [it was] my buddy, my buddy Simon sent this to me. [Simon texted] ‘I got this from Megan, a friend of mine in Alabama.’”

Well, Megan from Alabama had run into some trouble while she was making her way to work. The text continued, “‘I got pulled over for speeding on my way to work. The officer asked me if I was having a bad day. I said, ‘No, I swear, it’s not my fault.’ [Then] He said, ‘What’s going on?’ I said, ‘Don’t laugh, and I’ll show you.’ So, I pulled up my music and started the song back playing and turned up the volume.’”

For Megan, it was all due to Nickelback that she had made her foot a little heavy on the gas and sped up. And, upon hearing this, the officer didn’t know what to say. “‘I said, ‘It’s Nickelback’s fault.’ He laughed and let me go without even writing a warning,’” noted the singer finishing reading the text message and laughing as he revealed, “She was listening to ‘Bottoms Up.’”

So, drinking and driving hadn’t been the best combination for decades, but it also seems like driving while enjoying Nickelback might cause some trouble. In Megan’s case, she was lucky enough that the officer was understanding and didn’t let her get into much trouble. Still, let us give you a friendly heads up and just say if you’re driving and happen to listen to Nickelback, take it a bit easy.