David Crosby Thinks LSD Can Help People Grow


In one of his recent tweets, the musician David Crosby has shared his opinions on the drug LSD, claiming it can help people to grow.

David Crosby is known for being in trouble because of drug and alcohol related issues. For instance, he spent nine years in prison after being convicted of several offenses on drugs and weapons in 1985. Again in 1985, he was also arrested due to his drunken driving, a hit-and-run car accident, and illegal possession of a pistol and drug-related stuff.

Crosby even had a liver transplant which caused controversy because of its probable relation to his past heavy alcohol and drug use. Considering his struggle with drugs, even Crosby is surprised that he is still alive. Apart from that, he also spent considerable time in rehabilitation to recover from his drug use and was sober for a long time despite his recent use of weed.

According to his recent tweet, though, he seems to make a controversial statement on LSD. As a response to a tweet made by one of his fans that asks him his thoughts on LSD or natural hallucinogenics, he said that he has done them all, and added that he believes they can help people grow. Highlighting that people with mental issues should be under supervision before using them, he said most people can benefit from them if they want. He then added micro-dosing is also looking promising therapeutically.

Crosby’s tweet read:

“Done them all… I believe they can help you grow. People who are in trouble mentally should not do them without psych help, but most folks can benefit if they want. Micro-dosing is looking very promising therapeutically as well.”

You can see Crosby’s tweet below.