Stevie Nicks’ Confession About Sexual Songs

Even though there is not a secret formula for writing a powerful song, its theme can sometimes be decisive at this point. Melodies or chord progressions are essential, of course. Still, the lyrical content also matters a lot because it usually enables the connection with the listeners by giving them a chance to channel their emotions. Figuring out the best themes to explore in the lyrics and creative storytelling are very important during a song’s creation process.

Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks is generally accepted as one of the best songwriters in rock history, who has proved herself in her successful works with the band and as a solo act. Even though it is possible to find a Stevie Nicks song for nearly every situation, love and heartbreak are often the most common themes in her songs. While these subjects can be easily linked with sexual desires, Nicks once claimed she didn’t write any sexual songs except a few.

What Did Stevie Nicks Say About Using Sexual Content In Her Songs?

It is no surprise that Stevie Nicks has come to the front as a great songwriter and put her signature on many hit songs because the subject matters she wrote about are usually relatable to anyone who’s ever been in love. Maybe what makes her songs so profoundly felt is the several turbulent love affairs she was involved in. Yet, there was still a topic that the singer hesitated to write about throughout her long-term career.

In a 2009 interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Fleetwood Mac vocalist looked back on her prolific musical journey and chose eight favorite songs from her creations while explaining why. One of the songs that found a place on her list was ‘How Still My Love‘ from her debut solo studio album, ‘Bella Donna,’ released in 1981. While talking about why she chose this song, Nicks also discussed the lyrical themes she used in her songwriting process.

The musician stated during the conversation that her themes mostly revolved around more so-called naive subjects rather than passionate feelings or desires. Then, she claimed she had never written sexual songs except a few. She admitted that ‘How Still My Love’ was one of those few sexy songs. Although it is not a common topic she writes about, the singer still enjoys performing it live on the stage due to its slow and dizzy vibe, amazing beat, and burlesque style.

Here is what Stevie Nicks said about ‘How Still My Love’:

I really don’t write extremely sexual songs, never have. I’m always going to write about the bouquets and the flowers. But ‘How Still My Love really is a sexy song, and being that it’s one of my few sexy songs, when we do it onstage, it’s fun. So it’s kind of woozy, and it’s slow, but it’s got a really great beat—kind of a strip-tease, a little burlesque, a little Dita Von Teese-y.”

You can listen to a live version of the song below.