David Crosby Says Neil Young Wrote CSNY’s ‘Ohio’ And He Sang The Sh*t Out Of It

CSNY icon David Crosby revealed in his recent Twitter post that Neil Young wrote the band’s ‘Ohio,’ but he sang the song perfectly.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young released ‘Ohio‘ in June 1970. Neil Young composed the song as a reaction to the massacre of four students on the campus of Kent State University by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970. When Neil Young saw the photos of the shocking incident in Life Magazine two weeks later it happened, he immediately grabbed his guitar and started writing the song.

The song quickly turned into a counterculture anthem and made Young an iconic protest singer as it was commonly used in anti-Vietnam War protests. The remarkable piece is still regarded among the greatest protest songs with its moving and memorable lyrics. It was also a turning point for Neil Young’s music career as a songwriter. It paved the way for the singer to reflect his political stance and activism in his later works.

A student from Kent State University recently shared a post on Twitter to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the shooting and referred to David Crosby as one of the co-writers of ‘Ohio.’ Upon seeing that, Crosby shared a tweet and stated that he wasn’t involved in the writing process of the song, so Neil Young wrote it by himself.

Still, he tried to do his best to deliver the emotional baggage it carried. Then, another user asked him about the writing process of the song. Crosby revealed Young wrote the song in front of him after seeing the pictures of the tragic incident in Life Magazine.

The Kent State student’s words on the upcoming anniversary of the shooting:

“I’m a Kent State student. Next week is the 52nd commemoration of the May 4th shooting of 13 students and the murder of 4 by the Ohio national guard. Here’s David Crosby, who co-wrote ‘Ohio’ with CSNY with his thoughts on the 50th.”

David Crosby’s reply:

Neil wrote it …I just sang the sh*t out of it.”

Another user’s words on the song:

“Neil write things down on a notepad in front of everyone, or brought in from home?”

Crosby replied:

“Wrote this on a scrap of paper right in front of me …..right after he saw the Life Magazine pictures.”

You can check out tweets and also listen to ‘Ohio’ below.