David Crosby Says He’s Apologized To Neil Young And Stephen Stills A Million Times

On an episode of The Howard Stern Show, David Crosby talked about his relationship with former bandmates Neil Young and Stephen Stills and revealed that he apologized to them a million times.

As you might know, the band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young has been inactive for a long time, with no possible interest in a future project together as they have gone through a lot of problems. The band especially suffered the consequences of Crosby’s drug addiction as he was sentenced to five years in prison and his jail time had a huge impact on the band’s productivity.

These days, it seems like the remaining band members haven’t lost touch except cutting off their communication with David Crosby. The reason for this is partly because of Crosby had said that Neil Young left his wife for his girlfriend Darryl Hannah, who he called a ‘purely poisonous predator.’ There are also rumors about Crosby being upset with Nash for leaving his wife for a younger woman who he also had a crush on. Because of the tension between them resulting from the infights and breakups, they all seem to hate Crosby.

During his appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Crosby also touched upon the tumultuous relationship between himself and his former CSNY bandmates, appearing to accept the responsibility for it. Crosby said that it is not true they don’t talk to him, as he talks to Stephen Stills who he considers as the best guy in the band. He mentioned the issue with Neil Young and said he apologized for it. He then discussed his relationship with Nash, saying that Nash thinks Crosby is responsible for everything that is wrong since the Korean war. Crosby then concluded by saying he has no problem with any of them, and that he hopes they are all okay and happy.

Crosby said in the interview that:

“Nash said, ‘Well, we talk to each other, but none of us talk to him,’ which is not true. I do talk to Stephen. Neil’s got a legitimate beef because I dissed his girlfriend. I get it, I apologized for it. Nash seems to think that I’m responsible for everything wrong since the Korean war, which is weird, but that’s OK, whatever makes him happy.

Stills, I got a lot of hero worship for Stills, man, he was the best guy in the band… I have no beef with any of them, man, I hope they’re all OK, I want them to be happy. I am a little surprised that they’re not putting out music, but I don’t know, whatever they’re doing, I’m happy they’re happy.”

As you may recall, back in 1985 Crosby was arrested for drugs and firearms possession and was sentenced to five years in prison. In an interview, he’d confessed that this was what actually broke CSNY up as they couldn’t deal with his addiction anymore.