David Crosby Admits His Addictions Destroyed CSNY, Not Him

During a recent conversation with Howard Stern, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young co-founding member, and co-lead vocalist, David Crosby, opened up about his battle with addiction during the ’80s and confessed that it got so far that it lead to the disbandment of CSNY.

As you probably know, David Crosby was one of the most popular rock figures of the late ’60s and ’70s. He was known for his great work with The Byrds and his fame increased even more after he co-founded Crosby, Stills & Nash in 1969 with the addition of Neil Young later on.

CSNY had a successful music career but the tensions between band members led to their disbandment three times. During his recent interview, Crosby admitted that it was mostly his fault while arguing that they didn’t get estranged because he offended Neil Young’s wife or because he told off Graham Nash upon his decision to get a divorce.

While speaking to Howard Stern, Crosby said that he let all of them down ‘by becoming a junkie.’ As you may recall, back in the early ’80s, Crosby was arrested for drugs and firearms possession and was sentenced to five years in prison. It was widely known that the rockstar had been struggling with his cocaine addiction for years, to the point of spending all of his money on drugs.

Crosby confessed about the part he played in CSNY’s disbandment during his recent interview with Howard Stern:

“I let all three of those guys down, totally, by becoming a junkie. That’s where I really did hurt them. Not dissing their girlfriend or pissing them off. I actually did harm. And for that, I’ve apologized a million times and the best apology I could make was to beat it and to come up and be useful again.

I did harm to the group. I pretty much destroyed it right then.”

Although the band had been through enough fights and disagreements which had resulted in their disbandment multiple times, Crosby being sentenced was the last straw. In his recent interview, Crosby acknowledged this and said that he ‘pretty much destroyed it right then.’