David Coverdale Shares His Regret About Whitesnake’s ‘Judgement Day’

Whitesnake singer David Coverdale joined an interview on Whitesnake TV and opened up about the background story of one of the band’s popular songs. The musician stated that he went through challenging times and couldn’t make the right decisions at the time.

The band released their eighth studio album, entitled ‘Slip of the Tongue‘ on November 7, 1989, in the US, and on November 13, 1989, in the rest of the world. While it received mixed reviews from critics and fans, it still achieved hitting the charts worldwide. Especially Steve Vai, who Coverdale hired as their guitar player following Adrian Vandenberg’s health issues, contributed significantly to its success. Still, there was an interesting story about working on it.

While answering a question about ‘Sweet Lady Luck,’ being an excellent song to be a B-side track on the record, Coverdale revealed that they created, recorded, and released the album during hard times. They were behind schedule about the delivery, live performances, and other stuff. They needed to promote their work as soon as possible because the music market was starting to change.

Coverdale highlighted that they had to make a great music clip and start their tour; that’s why he was unconscious and exhausted when deciding which songs would be on B-side or promoted first. Also, the singer reminded one of his other conversations about another track from the album, ‘Judgement Day.’ He admitted that he regretted not releasing this unusual love song as the first video on MTV instead of the others. Coverdale thinks it was a song with higher potential.

Here’s what Coverdale said about the song:

“I love ‘Judgement Day.’ It’s a very unusual and powerful love song. I still feel that it should have been the first MTV video.”

Coverdale added:

“We never got to that. The sad thing was we were so behind in delivery times, tours, and stuff. I had to keep postponing and postponing, which was frustrating. The market was so oversaturated because of MTV. You had bands that never played anywhere, but you had to make a great video.

So a lot of decisions that we made, I can’t honestly say I was as conscious. I think that was an exhausting time. Going straight to the promo, then straight on the road. It was a very challenging and successful three years. I can’t remember making many of these decisions, and I think a lot of stuff, I left it. I said early. I should have fought more for ‘Judgement Day.'”

You can check out the videos and the song below.