Courtney Love Recalls Britney Spears’ Manager Trying To Put Her Under A Conservatorship

After Britney Spears attacked her former management firm and claimed they were trying to kill her during her father’s conservatorship, Courtney Love revealed that the same management company attempted to put her under conservatorship too.

Free Britney has been a huge movement since 2009, protesting the control of the iconic pop star Britney Spears’ career. Her father was the main antagonist in her life for many years, and recently, she won her lawsuit against the conservatorship and claimed a little bit of her freedom back, at least from her father. However, during those difficult years when he controlled all her moves, her management company also cooperated with her father.

She recently threatened to sue the management company by openly giving the names Lou Taylor and Robin Greenhill. According to Britney, they were trying to kill her at the time and made Britney believe that there was something wrong with her. She stated that she will sue these two people and the company TriStar itself.

Not long afterward, Courtney Love reposted her caption and revealed that the same people tried to control her and put her under conservatorship as well. She showed her support to Britney because they also gave a hard time to Courtney and her family. Hence, Britney again received all of Love’s support in her battle to reclaim her freedom and life while punishing those who enabled the conservatorship.

Here is how Britney Spears threatened them:

“A week before they sent me away to that f*cking place, Bri Star invited me to their offices. The swanky suited up b*tches. So nice with their ‘We’re here to make you feel special’ I had lunch with Lou Taylor and Robin Greenhill. They said, ‘Britney, look at your picture on the wall!’ With a huge black and white framed picture in the hall of their office! Kate Beckinsale was there too! They sucked up to me and ‘made me feel special.’ Right. Ha, those same b*tches killed me a week later!

My dad worshipped those two women and would have done anything they asked of him! I think they were trying to kill me. I still, to this very day, believe that’s exactly what they were trying to do. But not a damn thing was wrong with me, and I didn’t die! Nobody else would have lived through all of it and remembered all of it! I will sue the shit out of TriStar. They got away with all of it, and I’m here to warn them every day of my precious life!”

And Courtney Love showed her support by saying:

“Britney Spears, you finally made my day, sis! So glad you’re free. Burn that b*tch to the ground not only for what she did to you but for what she did to me and to my family too. Merry Christmas. Thank you, Britney. P.S when you get that money back, please do me a favor & try and find my only child’s pony Lou had stolen. Please. It breaks my heart.

P.S. I know how much Kate Beckinsale has been incredibly helpful in the Free Britney movement behind the scenes. She would never willingly be used as a pawn by paymasters she can’t stand, so please don’t pick on her. A lot of people are trapped at Tristar & have to wait for Rosengart to step up to leave. Hurry it up. Greenberg Traurig, and don’t you dare make Britney take that down.”

This is not the first time Courtney revealed that TriStar and their employees had given her and her family a hard time. In 2020, a fan answered a comment about whether or not it was true that Britney’s manager was also trying to control Courtney. Love replied to that comment and explained that they wanted to kill her and her daughter and manage Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana estate. This also caused Courtney a big hustle, and she was scared for her and her daughter’s life.

You can see Britney’s post below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram