Joey Tempest Wows To Make Up For Europe Fans’ Disappointment

In a new interview with Metal Global, Europe’s Joey Tempest talked about the new upcoming music. During the discussion about the band’s newly released song, Tempest promised the band’s fans to make up for their disappointment of expecting an album.

Details About the Upcoming New Music

The band recently release a new track called ‘Hold Your Head Up,’ marking the first new music in five years since their 2017 album ‘Walk The Earth.’ In addition to new music, the band is also getting ready to release their documentary. The band’s plan now seem to focus on the new music before they release the documentary. In the new interview, Tempest detailed why they only released one song now:

“We wanted to get this ready before the [fall 2023 European] tour and the [upcoming Europe] documentary. So we focused on this song so we could have something out together with the tour and the documentary. That’s why we released one song now. But we have a handful of songs — great ideas.”

Although there are no details about the upcoming album, only thing we know is when the band will start recording the entire album. Tempest revealed:

“We want to record the album next year. And whether we do it in the beginning, I don’t know yet, but we have some great ideas. And ‘Hold Your Head Up’ is just the first one, basically.”

Working with Their Current Producer

Although the band is not sure whether or not they will be working with the same producer for the entire album, their newly released song was recorded by Klas Åhlund. Tempest shared his experience on working with the producer and said all the members liked to work with Åhlund. Tempest also trusts the professionalism of the producer and thinks that it would be interesting to work with him for the whole album.

Below, you can listen to the newly released song and watch the interview.