David Coverdale Says He Always Had An Eye On Glenn Hughes’ Guitarist

Whitesnake icon David Coverdale gave an exclusive interview for Whitesnake TV and talked about the connection between him and a musician that worked with his former bandmate from Deep Purple and bassist Glenn Hughes. Coverdale stated that he always wanted to collaborate with him.

Glenn Hughes released his debut solo studio album entitled ‘Play Me Out’ in July 1977, and the record received positive reviews with the artist’s preferring a funk and soul-inspired style. ‘I Got It Covered,’ ‘Space High,’ and ‘It’s About Time’ became popular among longtime fans. Also, Hughes teamed up with his bandmates from Trapeze, Mel Galley, and Dave Holland to play guitar and drums on the critically acclaimed album.

Galley, who drew Coverdale’s attention from the previous band, could influence him thanks to his performance in the record, considering their several collaborations. As guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, he appeared on two Whitesnake studio records, ‘Saints & Sinners’ and ‘Slide It In.’ The Whitesnake singer shared his ideas about the late guitarist while talking about a power ballad from ‘Slide It In’ named ‘Love Ain’t No Stranger.’

Coverdale admitted that he had an eye for Galley after Trapeze and his later works with Hughes, so he wanted to ask Bad Company’s Mick Ralphs’ opinions while chatting in the rehearsal back then. He found it a great idea, and the singer invited Galley to work with him on his future projects again. He revealed that Galley created the chorus chords by adding that it turned into recreating something new.

About working with Galley, Coverdale said:

“What a lovely guy! He and Dave Holland were the original two members of Glenn Hughes’ band Trapeze prior to Glenn joining Deep Purple. I always had an eye. I thought they were great, and Mel was a super singer. He had a kind of Glenn Hughes voice without the extraordinary and adventurous aspect that Glenn does magnificently. We worked together, and I played Mick Ralphs from Bad Company and had this idea when rehearsed.

Everyone else was having dinner and doing something, Mick Ralphs and I were talking in the rehearsal room, and I said, ‘What do you think about this?’ He went, ‘Oh God. You gotta do that.’ So I was okay and felt comfortable. I came up with this from an old blues song verse sequence. Mel came up with the choros chords. This is so interesting about the ‘Greatest Hits’ package because, with each of the songs, we found something new.”

You can check out the video below.