Creedence Clearwater Revival Icon John Fogerty Has One Confession About Tina Turner

Last week at the AO Arena in Manchester, England, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s John Fogerty paid tribute to the late Tina Turner. He chose to perform ‘Proud Mary,’ a song of significance for both him and Turner, as a part of his homage

The writer of his former band’s 1969 hit referred to the late singer’s version of the song and confessed that his admiration for her traced its roots back to the 1960s.

Before playing the track, the former vocalist of CCR told the crowd:

“We just have lost the Queen Of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Tina Turner. I toured with Tina way back about the year 2000. Of course, Tina recorded my song, ‘Proud Mary,’ way back around 1971, and it was a breakthrough song for her, also a signature song.

Man, I saw her on TV every week with that red dress on and the Ikette girls dancing in the background. She was amazing, and I’d like to dedicate doing Proud Mary – this is my first good song I ever wrote – I’d like to dedicate this to Tina Turner.”

This isn’t the first time Fogerty has honored Turner publicly. He had previously expressed his admiration for the late singer on Twitter, sharing a video of her performance of ‘Proud Mary’ from 1970, echoing the sentiments he expressed at his recent show.

His tweet read:

“So deeply sad to hear about Tina Turner’s passing… I loved her version of ‘Proud Mary!’ It was different and fantastic. I was also so happy because she chose my song, and it became her breakthrough record.”

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2016, Tina Turner fought multiple health issues until her passing at her home in Küsnacht, Switzerland, at the age of 83.