Mike Shinoda Shares The Details Of His New ‘Platonic Love’ NFT Collection

Linkin Park‘s co-founder, primary lyricist, and rhythm guitarist Mike Shinoda shared a post both on his official Instagram and Twitter page announcing a brand new NFT collection named ‘Platonic Love’ in collaboration with a famous motion graphics designer, Esteban Diacono.

For those who may not know, NFT, also known as a non-fungible token, is a term used to describe a digital asset whose ownership is tracked on a blockchain including numerous assets from digital goods, such as items that exist within virtual worlds, to claims on physical assets such as clothing items, real estate, and many more.

Since Linkin Park co-founder finds this digital asset quite brilliant, he even shared a post on his official Twitter page a few months ago, explaining how NFT works and how beneficial it can be to the artists from every field since it directly allows you to distribute anything with the price buyers determine.

Mike Shinoda even made $30,000 from his first crypto media sale for his brand new track, ‘One Hundredth Stream’ which was used in order to benefit art students who are in need of financial support as Shinoda revealed via a Twitter post.

While there are still numerous people who don’t feel comfortable transitioning into a digital world, Linkin Park rhythm guitarist is not one of those people as he recently shared a post on his official Twitter and Instagram page announcing a brand new NFT collection named ‘Platonic Love’ in a collaboration with Esteban Diacono who is a famous motion graphics designer.

Here is what Shinoda said in his Twitter post:

“Here’s the 3rd (and last) preview thread about one of the pieces in our ‘Platonic Love’ NFT collection, dropping tomorrow on Nifty Gateway.”

You can click here to see the Instagram post and see the Twitter post below.