The Eagles Has Some Good News About Their Farewell Tour

The Eagles have good news for fans who might’ve missed their chance to see them on their farewell tour and also have some updates on their opening act Steely Dan and Donald Fagen’s health.

The Good News Is…

The band has added second concerts in four different cities, as their official website announced that additional shows in Phoenix, Chicago, Austin, and Toronto would be taking place in 2024. The Don Henley-led act also announced they expect Steely Dan to be opening for them in a few days, at their Charlotte, North Carolina show on November 7.

Why Steely Dan Had To Leave

Fagen and his bandmates had to leave their gig as Eagles’ openers to different acts, including Sheryl Crow, Tedeschi Trucks Band, and Eagles’ own ‘touring’ member, Vince Gil.

The reason behind this absence was due to Steely Dan vocalist, Fagen’s undisclosed health concerns and recent hospitalization, which Don Henley himself had informed fans about the singer’s condition.

However, it seems that Fagen has made a recovery and is feeling better, as Eagles’ official sources announced that the band would make a comeback, as the tour’s opening act.

For further information regarding their tour dates, you can check out the Eagles’ official website.