Chris Robinson Slams Metallica Fans: ‘We Were The Worst Thing They’d Ever Seen’

Chris Robinson sat down with Team Coco and discussed the hate The Black Crowes received from Metallica fans.

During their chat, the singer recalled the Black Crowes and Metallica tour and explained how it turned out far more different than he expected. He said:

“I bought a pair of like maroon kind of bell bottoms and we came back to the States. We were on tour with Aerosmith, funny enough, our first tour bus. We played a gig in Rochester, New York. There’s a baseball stadium there, and it was Black Crows warrant Metallica, Aerosmith. We’re on first and I remember this; I come out of the thing and I’m wearing my bell bottoms. The way we look and people are like snickering at me and I’m like, ‘Y’all motherf*ckers will have all you want. I look cool, I feel cool.'”

In his words, the reaction was not very nice, but this didn’t bother the band at all. He continued with his own response to the Metallica fans:

“We went up and did the gig and a lot of Metallica fans are carving pentagrams of bleeding in their hands [going], ‘F*ck yeah!’ We were the worst thing they’ve ever seen but we are still kind of street, we’re from Atlanta. I get up there and I’m like rubbing my butt and looking at them, kissing them. I’m like, ‘Bring it up here big boy,’ you know what I’m saying?”

Robinson Loves Metallica

Although he didn’t receive good feedback from the fans, Robinson loves how Metallica presents themselves on stage.

The last time The Black Crowes saw Metallica was their joint tour together back in the 90s. That was until the frontman saw them during last year’s Power Trip Festival.

In a separate interview, the singer recalled witnessing the show and telling everyone about it:

“Metallica’s presentation was just so incredible. I was so pumped afterward. I called everyone, like, ‘Dude, you know what? This is the sh*t.’ These guys give it every second of the show. They’re just giving and giving and giving… “

Unsurprisingly, this is exactly what Robinson wanted for his own band:

“We want people to have that. I want people to feel that way at a Black Crowes show, the way I felt at Metallica.”

You can see the interview below.