Dan Reynolds Shares Why He’s Never Done Any ‘Rock Star Shit’

The lead vocalist of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds, recently told in an interview with Forbes that he didn’t embrace the rock and roll party lifestyle during his career and explained why.

Imagine Dragons was formed in 2008 but has achieved great success, even better than some bands established decades before. They broke the record of most weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart with ‘Believer,’ ‘Thunder,’ and ‘Whatever It Takes.’

In his recent interview, Reynolds talked about their songs and stated that he sometimes feels uncomfortable and vulnerable releasing songs because they have meanings for him. The songs ‘Giants,’ and ‘Easy Come Easy Go’ from their 2021 album ‘Mercury – Act 1’ were specifically hard for him to release.

He was asked whether putting stuff like this out gets easier over time, and he replied by saying that although it gets easier as he gets older since he is an introverted person, it will always be difficult. The singer also stated that he only has a tight circle of friends and prefers to hang out with his old friends.

Thus, he doesn’t really embrace the usual Rock n Roll, partying lifestyle. Reynolds also revealed that he hasn’t been to a nightclub before. This statement shocked many as it distinguishes him from the majority of the rockstars in the industry.

Here is how he talked about putting out music that has emotional meaning for him:

“Yeah, I’m doing it. So for sure, I wouldn’t have done this ten years ago, I wouldn’t have ever put out a song like that. Ever. For a million reasons, but mainly to protect the people I love; my family, and just because I just would feel judged. But yeah, I let go a lot. There are a lot of things on this record that is new ground for me, and I really credit it to Rick making me feel comfortable, making me find self-confidence as an artist to say things and go places that I typically wouldn’t have gone.

I’m a pretty guarded person, I let very few people into my life. It’s a big flaw that I’ve always had, I don’t make new friends, I keep my circle really tight and close. I have the same friends from middle school. Those are my best friends. I haven’t made a new friend in, I don’t know, a decade at least. So I’m an introverted person who’s supposed to have an extroverted career, and that’s always been a thing for me. I have never gone out to nightclubs or done any of that rock star shit that you’re supposed to do.”

According to his stage performances, Reynolds doesn’t seem like a person who would be an introvert. As he said, he leads an extrovert career, so he seems capable of finding the balance between his music, performance, and personal life, which makes him different from many who’ve been lost in the rock lifestyle.