Charlie Benante On Incorporating Dimebag Darrell And Vinnie Paul Into Pantera Shows

Charlie Benante recently sat down with ‘THAT Rocks!’ to share some insights about his experiences with the Pantera reunion, including how he keeps Vinnie Paul’s spirit alive during shows with a unique approach to honoring his predecessor and handling criticism.

The Pantera reunion has been a hot topic within the music community, with Charlie stepping in to fill the shoes of the late Vinnie Paul on drums. While some fans have been critical of this change, Benante has maintained a positive and respectful attitude, choosing to focus on the importance of keeping Paul’s legacy alive rather than engaging in disputes.

Benante has found a unique and personal way to honor Paul during live performances. In his interview, he revealed the special ritual he does before every show, where he puts on Dimebag Darrell’s wristband and keeps Vinnie’s glove in his pocket. He feels this is the best way to keep Paul’s memory alive and close to him during performances.

Charlie Benante’s words about keeping Vinnie Paul close during Pantera shows read:

“Every show that we play [longtime Pantera engineer, bass tech, and friend] Sterling [Winfield], who used to work for Pantera — still does, in a sense. The first show, he came to Mexico City, and he brought me one of Darrell’s wristbands and a pair of Vinnie’s gloves that they used.

And every show that I’ve played so far, I wear the wristband, and Vinnie’s glove is in my pocket because I feel like they’re with me. And I do that for every show, and I’ll continue to do that for every other show we play. It just has significance.”

Benante’s approach to his role in the Pantera reunion is rooted in respect and honor for Vinnie. Rather than getting caught up in criticism, he is focused on preserving the band’s legacy by keeping those mementos with him on stage.