Dee Snider Opens Up About The ‘Dark Time’ He Went Through And How It Changed Him

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider got mentioned in a tweet by a fan about being ‘a good person’ and replied to her by stating that he is doing his best after going through a ‘dark time.’

Dee Snider joined Twisted Sister in 1976 and became the primary songwriter while singing for the band with his strong metal vocals. He was with the band for 11 years when he quit in 1987, and the band’s contract with their record label got canceled. This made the band split, and every member went in their different ways.

Snider stated in a chat with Sirius XM in 2017 that he had to leave the band because he couldn’t take the headbanging anymore. Moreover, he was bored of playing with the band members, and he thought he needed to get away from that. While there is no bad blood between Twisted Sister members today, their disbandment after Snider’s departure led people to characterize the singer as an egoist. 

In his recent tweet, Snider replied to one of his followers who stated that they believe Dee is a good person in real life. The musician responded by saying that he is trying his best to be a good person. He also mentioned that the humbling experiences he’s had have contributed to his change and helped him during the ‘dark time’ he went through.

A Twitter user first stated:

“Name a celebrity you just know is a good person in real life.”

A fan replied to this by tagging Snider and stating:

“I would say Dee Snider is.”

Dee simply answered:

“I’m trying.”

Another fan replied:

“I know we haven’t met in real life, but you’re a nice person Dee Snider.”

And finally, Snider opened up about his dark time by stating:

“Thank you, Hannah. I had my dark time, but I’ve risen above it. Nothing like a good humbling to make someone a better person.”

Stating that he got humbled down, he may be talking about the time when he let his bandmates down by quitting the band. The singer, later on, did short reunions with Twisted Sister, and they are continuing to perform as a band occasionally. Twisted Sister also helped him by recording a song for the soundtrack of Snider’s film ‘Strangeland’ in 1998.

You can see all of the tweets below.